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Honors and Awards

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship 

I pursued a yearlong self-designed project dedicated to exploring musical multiculturalism in China, Indonesia, and Turkey. I studied stringed instruments including erhu, Uyghur ghijak, Balinese rebab, and Banyuwangi biola as well as Chinese folk, Balinese, and Turkish classical/folk music with master musicians. Other highlights include shadowing Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble on their Asia tour, performing on the main stage of Bali's largest music festival, working as a music critic for TimeOut Hong Kong, documenting the Hong Kong "Umbrella Revolution" pro-democracy protests with ABC News, staying overnight at a Balinese village that doesn't bury their dead, and many other adventures I documented on my blog "On Global Harmony."

World Musician

Published in Wellesley Magazine: "Audrey Wozniak ’14 traveled around the world on a Watson Fellowship, exploring three musical traditions in five different countries. She discovered that music is not really a “universal language,” but it a fundamental tool of self-expression."

China Hands magazine “25 Under 25” Honoree 

Distinguished Junior Visiting Scholar, Hong Kong University, Shun Hing College

Three Generations Prize for Writing, award for best paper written in social sciences, Wellesley College

Billings Award for Music Performance, Wellesley College

Madeleine Korbel Albright Institute for Global Affairs Fellowship

First Place Winner, E. Tu Prize in Chinese Writing, Advanced Division, Wellesley College

Elisabeth Luce Moore ’24 Internships in Asia Grant Recipient