past and future


A Discipline for the Nation: Turkish Classical Music Choirs in History and Practice

Ph.D. dissertation in Ethnomusicology, Harvard University (expected 2024)

The Zildjian Cymbal: Lineages of Blood and Alloy and the Reckoning of Modern Time

Accepted for publication by Journal of the Society for American Music


Cultural Diplomacy Despite the State: Mobility and Agency of State and Amateur Musicians in Turkish Classical Music Choirs

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Orienting a Nation: The Turkish National Anthem Controversies

“Orienting a Nation: The Turkish National Anthem Controversies,” Music & Politics 17(2): 1 -30. 


Producing and Transgressing the Family: State, Kinship, and China’s Uyghurs

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River-Crabbed Shitizens and Missing Knives: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Trends in Chinese Language Use Online as a Result of Censorship

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"Mutual Empowerment? Examining the Power Relationship Between Overseas Filipino Workers and the Motherland," in 

Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs 2(1): 98-121